How to write an essay: conducting your research

The best way to do your research for an essay can be hard to figure out. When you’re working on an essay, especially one that you might not be interested in, research can be a lot of work. Even for a topic you’re more passionate about, it still takes time and effort to get the right sources and make sure your formatting is spot on. When most students are faced with having to write an essay, they can get easily frustrated or stressed out. Writing an essay is probably one of the most disliked assignments over all other types of homework. This is particularly true for students that don’t enjoy or aren’t good at writing. There are also students who don’t have enough time due to classes, a job, family activities, friends, and extracurricular programs. If any of those situations sound like yours, keep reading for tips on how to do research the right way.

Research Made Easy

The first thing you need to do is go over your teacher’s instructions and make a list of exactly everything they want from you in this essay. This is important, because it’s easier to see things you can check off a list than finding each piece of instruction within a paragraph or a long page.

Next, you can start making a research list. This will probably have some overlap with your first one, but that’s okay. Write it anyways. When you either search online or go to the library, take this list with you. Look in every possible place: books, journals, articles, websites, documentaries, theses, dissertations, and other sources. The more you find and read up on, the better. There is a line to be drawn between being thorough and not taking too much time, but you can make that judgement.

Now it’s time to organize your findings. You should already have somewhat of an idea what you’re going to talk about in each part of your essay, namely the introduction, body or arguments, and conclusion. Separate your research and sources into where you want to mention each one in the essay. Then, when you go to write the essay you’ll be able to make a bridge between each quote or fact and connect them all with your original words in between. This is the best way to smoothly transition from one idea to the next.

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