American Revolution research paper writing manual

The root cause of American revolution

The manual describes the real cause of American Revolution. According to this manual it all begun when Americans unanimously agreed to make a decision declaring independence from the hands of colonialists. The decision was because of change in economic and development policies which were introduced by the colonialist. Since Americans felt like they were being oppressed they resulted to smuggling goods which eventually led to independence.

Events that transpired after independence declaration

The 1773 proclamation definitely angered the colonialists who were controlling America during that time. In response to smuggling of goods and boycotting, the colonialist introduced “Sugar Act” so as to discourage smuggling. This was a success since Britain supported the colonialists to expand in the western region of America. Due to expansion the manual explains that the colonialists became powerful which sent shivers in the spine of Americans who were crying for independence and freedom.

Why violence broke after the introduction of the act

In accordance with the manuscript, after introduction of the “Sugar Act” Americans were supposed to pay taxes. American traders were supposed to produce water marked documents for their trade and there was no way they could evade the taxes. This motivated Americans to retaliate through formation of groups which acted as the resistance.

Cause of violence

Due to increase of protest among traders, the colonialist’s economy was hit hard. This led to cancelation of the act. It was not long before American parliament demanded the colonials to pay for supplies in concern to the troops that resided in their colonies. This was a big blow to the colonial government except in the state of New York where the troops refused to comply due their large numbers. Through this America slowly rose to freedom and by 1770 America had already become a sovereign state.

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