The Easiest Way to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay

The 5-paragraph essay is one of the most widely used essay structures in education because it presents a writer’s argument in a simple and easy-to-follow format. A 5-paragraph essay has three parts: an introduction where you make a claim or argument in the form of a thesis, three body paragraphs where you provide evidence in support of your argument, and a conclusion that summarizes your central argument and its support.

Here’s the easiest way to go about writing a 5-paragraph essay:

Brainstorm and collect your ideas.

Gather all your quotes, facts and other bits of information you’ve gathered from your readings and group related items into topics and sub-topics. In this type of essay you’ll need at least three strong points in support of your argument. Your thesis statement can also develop and be revised just from brainstorming whatever you have researched.

Draft your thesis statement.

A thesis statement should be a clear, succinct, and well-thought out argument you are making about your topic. At this point, you should have some idea of what it is you are claiming, but your thesis may be revised as you go. You may find that your thesis is too broad or needs to be re-written. Feel free to do so as needed.

Develop an outline to guide you.

An outline will help you organize all of your main topic sentences and subsequent pieces of evidence in support of your claim or argument. Outlines will also give you a snapshot of how the logic and sequence of your argument are structured.

Write clear statements in support of your argument.

As you write your paper you will want to make sure each sentence directly relates to your thesis. Avoid excess words that don’t add value to your sentences. Each sentence should be written as clearly and concisely as possible without confusing words or constructions.

Revise and edit your entire essay.

Revision and editing are essential to any great pieces of writing. This being said it’s important you allow yourself plenty of time to revise your essay thoroughly at least once and preferably twice. When you edit make sure you have checked for spelling, punctuation, and appropriate use of words. Don’t be afraid to remove entire sentences if they aren’t absolutely necessary.

These tips will help you easily write a 5-paragraph essay and will take you a long way if you are pressed for time. For the absolute best results, however, give yourself enough time to put these tips into practice to their full extent. The more time you spend working on your essay, the higher your grade will be.

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