Essay regarding Dream Vacation

Desire Vacation


Reasons I Want to Visit Ak

1) It is a very beautiful condition with lots of landscapes and Nationwide parks to see 2) There exists a lot of distinct wildlife and it would be awesome to all of them in their normal habitat. 3) I would love to go angling and big video game hunting.

Exactly where I Would Like to see

* Chuck

* Juneau

* Fairbanks

* Wasilla

* Homer

Big Game Hunting

One of the main reasons that I would want to go to Alaska is to go hunting. I would personally love to look the huge video game that Alaska is known to get like elk, moose, endure, and caribou. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this and that's why it's my dream vacation destination. Hunting Tags/Permits| Non-Resident Cost| Resident Expense

General Hunting License| $85| $25

Brown/Grizzly Bear| $500| $25

Deer| $150| $25

Elk | $300| $25

Moose| $400| $125

Muskox (Bull)| $1, 100| 500 usd

Hunting License and Label Costs


Alaska is known around the world intended for is awesome fresh water fishing. We would love to move salmon and trout angling on some of their gorgeous rivers and streams. I found a number of guided trips that I would love to go on.

Form of TourPrice per Person

Ultimate Doing some fishing and Wildlife$5, 495. 00

Fishing and Bear Viewing$4, 695. 00

The Bucket List$7, 495. 00


I would like to take a week and just live in a hotel or log cabin deep in the woods high isn't a heart for miles except for my personal boyfriend and my puppy. It would be so nice to get away from the world and just take a seat by the fireplace and examine, or play board games and just consume a relaxing week. That would be want to know the best part of my dream holiday.