Willy Loman Existentialist? Essay

Willy Loman Existentialist?

Willy Loman a great Existentialist?

Can anyone control their life? Is a power of control in individual beings' hands to make selections and set or perhaps know the precise outcome of those choices? In person, I no longer believe that human beings are awarded with such a power concerning be able to transform any part of their lives. The purpose of my essay is to focus on the life of Willy Loman, a protagonist within a play known as Death of any Salesman by simply Arthur Miller. Is Willy Loman an existentialist or perhaps he feels he is without control over his life?

In respect to my own, personal perspective, Willy Loman is usually and is no existentialist. In the life, Willy Loman would like to be a prosperous and respectful man. His blueprint to become successful in every area of your life is what this individual often says, " Become liked and you will never want" (Miller 21). Willy believes that the a major ranking factor is being well liked by everybody in the business globe. There was a great eighty 4 year old salesman Dave Singleman, who was this kind of expert in his work that he would produce a deal by simply calling the buyers without leaving his office. Willy Loman became extremely influenced by Sawzag Singleman that he presumed being a salesman could be the very best career a male could need. Unfortunately Willy did not come to be the greatest jeweler as Dork Singleman was.

According to the online book, existentialist can be " a philosopher whom emphasizes independence of choice and private responsibility nevertheless who ok bye human presence in a inhospitable universe because unexplainable” (" existentialist" ). As I said prior to, Willy Loman is on both sides of being and not being an existentialist. A way that Willy is not an existentialist is that, when Willy goes to Howard, who is Willy's boss, he keeps assurance in his mind that the cause that he will Howard intended for will turn into in his benefit. Willy would like to ask Howard for a increase and employment in which he doesn't have traveling. Willy's approach to gaining success by being liked fails below. Willy's assurance breaks when Howard...

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