Ask Someone To Review Your Personal Statement

All of your writing activities in your academic life are important but there is a great deal of importance attached to a personal statement. You are making an application to a college or a faculty within the college and you need to help yourself. Almost certainly there will be more applicants than places available so some people who make a personal statement will miss out. Don't let this be you. Improve your chances by doing something sensible as far as reviewing your personal statement is concerned.

They will spend time talking about editing, rewriting and proofreading what they create. In this instance we are talking about getting outside people to help in this process. It doesn't matter how good you are at reviewing your own work or how determined you are to make sure it's just right, there is a very good chance that you can't see the wood for the trees. You are too close to your own personal statement.

But who will review my work?

The answer to this question is the key to your success. You do need to get feedback on what you have created. You do need to hear what someone who's not connected to the writing thinks about what you have produced. Just who that might be and how many such people will vary from student to student. But what is really important is the ability of the person who’s reviewing your personal statement to understand it and make their comments sensible and cogent.

So who are your reviewers? Well you could ask your family and friends. You could certainly ask a fellow student and particularly one who is already in the college and who has already written a personal statement and been successful. But always ask yourself the question; is the person I'm asking to review my personal statement a good person to give proper feedback?

Remember getting poor feedback or incorrect information will not help you and it will actually be a hindrance in your personal statement creation. So think long and hard about who could help you and if necessary, suggest an area or areas in which they could offer help.

For instance they could simply check on your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Or they could check on your clarity of writing and whether or not the sentences flow. But whatever you do, getting helpful feedback is a big plus in creating an outstanding personal statement.

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