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Dissertation Adviser

This should be the first person you visit because he is the person who knows what the dissertation committee and department expects from dissertations. If you have a disagreement with the adviser, you want to politely mention it and why you feel this way. Remember that the adviser is trying to make sure you write the best dissertation and you can learn from his expertise.

Books from The Library

These are great free resources for learning how to write the dissertation. Look for books by professors that specialize in your field of study because this makes things easier for you during the learning process. Take notes while reading the books and make copies of certain chapters if necessary. Ask your dissertation adviser if there are certain dissertation instruction books he would recommend.

Free Sample Dissertations

If you visit different universities' websites, you may find a few sample dissertations from former students who studied in different specializations. This gives you a template to base your dissertation on but you should not write the dissertation exactly like the ones you see because your dissertation topic is not the same as others and you want to be original.

Education Conferences for Doctoral Students

If there is an upcoming education conference in your city for doctoral students that is free, you should attend it because the guest speakers will hold discussions on all aspects of doctoral study and this includes dissertation preparation. You want to write notes during each meeting session and after each session you want to ask questions and talk with fellow attendees for suggestions.

Scholarly Journals

You can visit your campus library's website and enter your student account information so you can read scholarly journal articles on the proper ways to write a dissertation. Look specifically at the common mistakes that the authors say that doctoral students make when writing dissertations, and look at what the authors said about defending the dissertation when it is completed.

Friends Who Completed Dissertations

Another idea is to talk with friends who completed dissertations because they have insight on what is involved in writing the dissertation. Show your friend a rough draft of the dissertation and if he offers suggestions, take heed to them because those suggestions could help you write a better dissertation. You can also look at your friend's dissertation to get ideas.

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