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To what extent does the cause impact and response to volcanic eruptions rely upon a country's level advancement?

Factors impacting the impact of an earthquake

Distance from the epicentre - the effects of a great earthquake will be more severe in its centre. The greater on the Richter scale, the greater severe the earthquake can be. Level of expansion (MEDC or LEDC) - MEDCs may have the resources and technology for monitoring, prediction and response. Human population density (rural or metropolitan area). A lot more densely booming an area, a lot more likely there are to be deaths and casualties. Interaction - availability for recovery teams.

Time influences whether people are within their homes, at your workplace or traveling. A extreme earthquake in rush hour in a densely populated city area could have devastating effects. The time of year and climate is going to influence your survival rates as well as the rate when disease may spread. Earthquakes and volcanoes in LEDCs

LEDCs often go through more through the effects of volcanoes and earthquakes thanMEDCs. The consequence of an earthquake or a volcano in LEDCs

Communication systems may be bad, so the inhabitants may not be well educated about what to accomplish in the event of a volcanic eruption or a great earthquake. Structure standards tend to be poor in LEDCs. Homes and also other buildings can experience serious destruction when a disaster occurs. Properties collapsing may cause high fatality tolls.

Evacuation and other crisis plans may be difficult to put into action due to limited funds and resources. Clearing up can be tough. There may not be enough cash to restore homes quickly and securely. Many people could be forced to live in crisis housing or refugee camps.