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This kind of chapter gives the introduction, background of the study, assertion of the problem, significance from the study, scope and delimitation, the conceptual framework as well as the definition of terms.


It had been not long ago when computers had been very big and most persons could not find the money for to buy one. Over the years, computers have not simply gotten more compact, but likewise less expensive and more powerful. Today, many people can afford to acquire their own laptop. You can see a pc in use all over the place. Computer is usually an electronic machine used to process data. That changes data into useful information. It is controlled by simply commands or perhaps instructions. These types of commands or instructions inform it what to do. Computers come in different shapes and sizes and they serve many functions. They are the tiny computers built into appliances and autos the large mainframe computers used to run big business. This gadget or computer program gives entertainment by simply challenging someone's eye-hand dexterity or mental abilities. Made possible by the advancement the processor, electronic online games are promoted in various forms, such as hand-held one-player versions, cartridges or compact discs which can be inserted in modules attached with television sets, computer programs managed with personal or perhaps network computers, and freestanding arcade types. Most of all their appeal originates from the computer software that syncs flashing lamps and various sounds together with the movie like animated actions portrayed over a graphic screen. In females, it is very prevalent in playing computer games. Despite the fact that computer games are typical in our life, they have not only good effects, nevertheless also bad effect, specifically to pupils. Moreover, even though parents realize that pupils enjoy computer games excessive, they do not understand that why pupils are widely excited for computer games, and what the negative effects of video games are. You will discover two primary causes that pupils enjoy computer games a lot of. In addition , playing computer games an excessive amount of has two main effects.

The first reason that learners play video games too much is very easy, because video games are very fun. Computer games relieve stress. Therefore , computer games have incredibly splendid violent content. There's long been the believed that violent articles may train violent behaviour to the small. Moreover, Barrie Gunter asserted, Playing computer or video gaming with violent themes results in the heightening of perceptions of risk or danger in the real world, He announced that the power of video or computer games may also be derived from the impression of control which they stimulate in fresh players. As a result, computer games travel pupils more violent. Besides, pupils could misunderstand that they are computer games character. In the municipality of Atimonan, Quezon a variety of computer store near the university site where computer games are open to perform it as well as the researcher discovered that most of these who usually play video games are the fundamental grades learners. In fact computer games have effects to the players especially for the children. This situation paved the way for the idea to be interested in her study and wanted to decide the effects of playing computer games features affect to the pupils' academics performance. STATEMENT OF THE ISSUE

The investigator aimed to identify the effects of computer games in Academics Performance while perceived by Grade V pupils' within our Lady in the Angels School (OLAA) throughout the school year 2011-2012. Especially, this tries to answer this questions:

1 ) What is the Profile of Grade Sixth is v Pupils' in OLAA regarding: * Love-making

* Age

* Family members Monthly Income

* Father and mother Educational Achievement

2 . Remedy they usually enjoy the computer games?

3. Exactly where do they normally play the pc games per week? 4. Simply how much time do they dedicate playing computer games per day? 5. Where do they obtain money for...