Owning My own Photography Business Research Paper

Using My Picture taking Business

Owning My Digital photography Business

Christopher Kabusk

Business 101-01

Teacher Janger

Feburary 10, 2013

Many persons dream of starting and working their own organization during their life time. Each of us have different abilities, interests, and abilities. Running a photography organization is anything I would enjoy doing in the near future. With this paper, I will describe my personal vision, why I think I might be successful in photography organization, and my personal skills assure the success of my personal small business like a sole operator. My Eyesight for this business.

My affinity for photography business began with my art courses for Gallaudet University. I majored in Studio field because school, and after that I got a full-time work as graphic artist. My spouse and i am also running a freelance business as multimedia artist, and the photography oftenly gets in my method as I was completing assignments for my clients. I actually finally noticed that running a photography business is exactly what I want to do in the near future. Seeing that I began to take the in photography, I have already tried and tested different types, and I are drawn to one of them: portrait pictures business. In order to start my personal portrait pictures business, I will need a large amount of money to rent or perhaps own a facilities that offers a spacious place for my personal clients in which they can create for a picture freely. A studio include lighting program, multi-color muslin backdrops, tripods, and some type of computer with Porcelain products installed on it. As well, I will require some pricey cameras and lens to optimize my goal in digital photography business. In addition , I would need at least two specialist assistant to work for me because I am running this small business as photographer myself. I would need someone who is specialized in cosmetic makeup products, and making a studio prior clients' introduction. Why will i think I might be successful in this kind of business? I believe that my digital photography business can be successful as a result of my all-natural abilities and experiences in my digital...

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