Unit 1 Text Quesetions Essay

Unit A single Text Quesetions

п»їReview Queries

1 . So what do we imply by the term " global business”?

-Global business is all business actions needed to make, ship, then sell goods and services around national borders. 2 . В Name two low-risk methods for getting linked to global organization. -Franchise/join enterprise

3. В Why is management contracting a secure way to get involved in global business? -It occurs if a company offers only its management skill and does not involve obtaining a level of control in a company or perhaps owning any kind of assets. four. В What could be the result of battle with the adding and exporting activities of the nations involved? -The warfare can be considered as one of trade boundaries. If nations around the world involved in operate and negotiation are on war, their romantic relationship would be a whole lot worse and finally cause end from the trade. That affects both nations' economies to be worse.

Crucial Thinking Concerns

1 . Why do companies frequently increase their business operations in to other countries? - Some nations consist of certain resources or companies that additional nations may not have. It provides nations more opportunities to increase their organization. 2 . В What are the benefits of doing business far away? -Global business can lead countries to increase in goods that are offered to all of us, increase profits and boost political contact. 3. В What are the drawbacks of doing business in other countries? -While they assist companies from the other nations, they may have problems with transport, language and culture. some. В How are you affected by international business?

-Because international organization now have broadened much enough, I can get some good imported products made in other countries, travelling the countries easily and receives reports from the countries. 5. В What factors influence a country's decision to trade goods and services with another country? -If it delivers more result than home-based business.

-If the balance between the countries can be retained.

-How much risk it requires.