Academic Writing Tutorial: Managing your Time

Planning is the Key to Success

It is often said that planning is the key to success, and rarely is this more applicable than when it comes to academic writing. It is vital that you organise your writing process as effectively as possible so that you know what you need to do and how you’re going to do it.

Dividing your time up appropriately

One of the key aspects of planning is to divide your time up appropriately. It is important that you allow more than enough time to carry out any research that you need to do. After this, by working out what elements of your academic writing needs take place, you can allot an appropriate amount of time to complete each task.

By dividing your time up appropriately, it makes it easier to get the work completed and it helps to ensure that you do not miss out any important parts. With a well thought out plan, you can concentrate on simply getting the work done, as opposed to wasting time trying to work out what you have or haven’t done, and what you need to do. All you have to do is refer to your plan and simply get the work done.

Expecting the unexpected

Of course, it is impossible to fully plan for the unexpected as, by its very nature, it is unexpected. However, by creating a careful plan and allowing for any unforeseen occurrences to happen, when the unexpected does occur, if you have made allowances for this then it does not have to be such a big issue.

Consequently, it is important that you are honest with yourself when managing your time. It can be easy to underestimate how long the task may take, thus leaving you very little wiggle room or, even worse, not enough time to complete the task satisfactory. The best thing to do is to be completely realistic with how much time something may take and then to add extra time and to give yourself a safe margin.

Keeping yourself motivated

Once you have prepared a plan, it is very important to keep yourself motivated. One of the good things about having a plan laid out is that it can help eliminate the possibility of procrastination. However, by ensuring that you take enough breaks and potentially reward yourself as you complete each task, this can help to ensure that your motivation levels are kept as high as possible.

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