Transport and Mere Sojourners Essay

Transfer and Simple Sojourners

We are mere sojourners

This globe is the not long term home

That, we should always understand

Pertaining to we are pure sojourners right here

On our way for the promise land.

Everything we have is obtained

We do not own anything at all

Each of our strength? the life?

Certainly. even each of our soul.

All of us owe these to the father

Whom made items, great and small

Globe, sunshine and raindrops

Creating leaves to sprougt and fall.

To get out out of night he took us

His wondrous intelligence opened our eyes

Setting us free of the bondage of trouble

Made us see the real truth abhor the lies.

Today as we go on toward efficiency

Marching the way to spiritual maturity;

With humble and contrite heart

I want to bow the head to the almighty.


By Definition:

A car can be described as thing that we used for vehicles

By illustration:

There many brands of a car like Toyota, Innova, Isuzu, ford, Honda and many more. By Description:

At present car can come in different colors as well. There are those that colored dark, gray cream or sometimes they can multi-colored. By Cause and Result:

Almost all people I understand, wants to have their own car. But of course, not everybody can possess what she/he wishes for. One of the most explanations why a person cannot own a car can be financial constrait. So what happen when a friends and family does not have a car of its? The most obvious effect is you need to pay everyday when you wish to go anywhere. By Citing Advantage and Disadvantage:

Running a car features obvious edge but are you aware that it can possess disadvantage as well? First you need to register an automobile every year, Second you have to find out if there are leacks or peeled of the fresh paint. By Historical Allusions:

About 300 years ago car had not been invented. Old Filipinos used horse back transporting. By simply Storytelling:

After i was ten years old I recall that we terribly lack not yet an automobile so my personal auntie opt to buy a vehicle (starex) pertaining to our family and relative applied.