Application Essay Writing: Readability Tips

Writing an application essay can be hard enough when you’re stressed about getting into the college you want to go to. Making the essay the best it can be has a lot to do with readability, and because of that, students can struggle with it. If that sounds like your situation, keep reading to find out how to remedy it. Application essays really aren’t that hard if you know what to do and have a plan. Preparation and proper expectations will go a long way to making your application essay great.

Writing an Easy-to-Read Application Essay

That’s really your goal here: making your application essay as easy to read and understand as possible, without writing as if to a child. The average adult should be able to figure out exactly what you want and get an idea of your personality and goals from one read of your essay. That doesn’t sound like an easy feat, but with the right techniques, you can make your writing skills better.

First things first, read your instructions over again. Make sure that you have all the required things in the content as well as the formatting for your application essay. This is just as important as the readability and actual content of the essay. You might just lose your chance if you can’t show that you are professional as well as friendly.

Here are some tips in making your essay more readable:

  • Use shorter sentences. Long ones not only make your essay more drawn-out and kind of boring, but they take longer to read and comprehend.
  • Use shorter words. Even if you’re very verbose and want to show how much you know, don’t use long or complicated words just for their own sake. You need to choose a word based on the exact, appropriate meaning you want to convey.
  • Make your paragraphs shorter. This leaves more white space on the page and lets the reader’s eye follow each line easier. It also gives them natural places to pause, in case they need to put it down and continue reading later on.
  • Be very specific. Say exactly what you mean and don’t beat around a bush.

If you follow these ideas for making your essay more readable, you’ll definitely raise your chances of being accepted into the school you’re applying for. Try it today and ask a friend to read your essay. Getting their opinion will give you the confidence to submit it.

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