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Third Party Input

Third Party Input:

Conflict Management In Islam

Mohd Fuad Mohd Salleh, PhD.

Faculty of Business

Universiti Selangor.

The role of third party incompatible resolution has never been refuted. Nevertheless conflict could be resolved by simply those incompatible, often there is a purpose for a 3rd party intervention. The qualitative case study was used to obtain the effectiveness of Sulh in resolving conflict. The research findings suggested two main requirements for the foundation of conflict resolution in Malay married couples: (1) inline with syariah and laws, and (2) common agreement. This kind of study also available that in handling sulh negotiation, participants had employed cocus and empowerment since the methods to resolve conflicts. Since mediators in the sulh procedure sulh representatives possessed behavioral skills, nevertheless they weren't getting analogical thinking skills. Sulh is effective because of it settling effectiveness conducted by the Sulh officers. The capability of Sulh officers to assist the conflicting party with religion being a guide in unbias manner show the effectiveness of Islamic knowledge and foundation in resolving clashes. It signifies that the american mediation hypotheses are not most suitable in the Malay world. Mediation needs to explore fresh deminsion that is certainly to blend mediation and counseling. Mediation counseling may be introduced because new theory as an alternative argument resolution (ADR) method to handle conflict. Mediation counseling needs the mediator to play dual functions, since mediator in face to face discussion and counselor in cocus sesion.

Key word: Sulh, mediation, conflict management.


Competetion amongst peoples can not be avoided as a result conflict is never ending. Competetion exist due to interest, values, actions, position, objectives and also other needs. At times competetion can be purposly produced because of work specification requirements (Bisno, 1988). But most importantly is with just about every problem, turmoil, or conflict, there is a chance of success and failing. It is important to spot, nurture and harvest the success seed as it is the responsibilities of the crisis managing (Augustine, 2000).

Discord is organic, not positive and not bad, and it is an impact which cannot be avoided because of a natural procedure for transform and development (Messman & Mikesell, 2000). Conflict can be described as state in which interests and objectives of two or more celebrations are incompetible (Klar, Bar-Tal and Kruglanski, 1988; Jones, 1976; Schmidt dan Kochan, 1972; Pruitt dan Rubin, 1986; Putnam dan Poole, 1987, in Rhoades, 1999). Conflict is usually refered to as a great existance of a clash between two diverse interests nevertheless cannot be shared (De Vale, 1985 dan Littlejohn, 1988). Social turmoil is refered to being a social interaction process constitues a raection to acquire resources, power and status, consider and other interest with limited resources (Bisno, 1988). Negative result in turmoil is anticipated a if there is a party who deal with the conflict using win-lose technique. Most people and managers experienced tried to fix problem, turmoil or discord by looking that from their individual perspective and understanding without having a third party view. This will cause incomplete and ineffective quality and turmoil will continu to can be found (De Vale, 1985). Depending on the need of a 3rd party which is unbias, its present is needed to help the inconsistant party to control the issue. There are several capabilities of other. Part of it is the explorer, whom gave confidence to the inconsistant parties that winning is definitely not the objective of the other party. Another role played by the third party is reconciler, who also provides places for improvement. Other capabilities are unifier, facilitator, legitimator, counselor and mediator (Lederach, 1997). One of the most acceptable type of third party is usually mediation wherever an neutral individual produce a path pertaining to the inconsistant parties to negotiate to resolve their conflict. Conflict resolution through mediation can perform higher...

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