The Economy: Monopolies Essay

The Economy: Monopolies

Task 2: Our economy, Monetary Policyband Monopolies

ECO100: Principles of Economics

The moment evaluating today's economic status we must have a look at many different factors. Such as interest rates, inflation and unemployment. Whenever we look at these factors and compare them to the elements of the economic downturn of 2008 we will see the fact that economy has gotten better in some element and some element have got worse. To compare at this point and 08 we must initially take a look at the eye rates. Global-rates. com a record website claims that the FED gives all of us a current interest rate of zero. 25 %. In 2008 the FED clocked our curiosity at 3. 00 % which is immensely higher than exactly where we are now. Secondly we have to take a look at inflation which is the sustained improves in the normal prices coming from all goods and services (O'Sullivan, Sheffrin, Perez, pg. 276). In order to fully understand the full differences between the economic statuses now as it pertains to 2008 we have to take into account pumpiing. Global-rates. com also claims that inflation is currently by 1 . 063 % including this time in 2008 pumpiing was a whopping 3. 936 % a difference of 2. 873 %. Lastly we have to look at the lack of employment rates within our economy to essentially get a knowledge of our current economic situation and just how it may differ from the economic depression of 2008. With details gathered through the Bureau of Labor & Statistics that states which the unemployment charge in 08 was 5. 8 % for the season. This year our company is currently seated at an joblessness rate of seven. 6 % for the entire year. Surprisingly the unemployment level was better in 08 with a difference of 1. eight %. In summary this year is more preferable in a couple of of the a few categories with unemployment being the kicker. It seems that our financial composition is better right now but our unemployment rates have continuing to increase which means creation has become on a downward slope. One proposal is supplying more financing to businesses that work worldwide of renewal energy. This really is an issue that...

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