Teenagers and Tattoos Essay

Teenagers and Tattoos

Andre Martin's essay, " On Young adults and Tattoos” discusses the cons of tattoos and piercings on teenagers. Though valid points are made, this individual views tattoos as a whole, as mutilations and cries for attention. This individual addresses how tattoos certainly are a form of personality and possession, as well as a long lasting marking after the body. The consumer is in total control and it gives teens the feeling of stability that they long for. While valid points, Martin seems to seem past the good reason that a majority of teenagers get body art: for the enjoyment of these people. Tattoos could tell a lot about somebody. They are permanent and can generate an eternal bond involving the art plus the individual getting hired. Throughout, Matn discusses the psychological causes of why teenagers get body art and piercings. However , this individual not when mentions that numerous adolescents get tattoos since they just like them. I agree with his thinking to an extent. I do imagine many persons get tattoo designs of significant past activities or challenges, and that a lot of get tattoo designs and piercings as a way to better stand out. Nevertheless , I as well believe that young adults get tattoo designs because they will enjoy the a muslim. Many of the most fabulous tattoos I possess ever seen have been of numerous scenes, photos or murals, most devoid of any certain connection to their particular past. Although some tattoos can easily later end up being known as poor choices, many are beautiful. I have five body art, and got the first when I was of sixteen. Out of the five, only two are significant, one of that we regret and am currently in the process of receiving laser skin treatment for. The other three are the major of the five, and have simply no specific correlation to my past. Soon I will be beginning a back again piece by which also will do not specific which means to me, but certain issues throughout the part will be integrated in. Body system art is actually a way of expressing oneself. They are a form of personality and uniqueness that are once and for all with the specific.

Furthermore, with that permanence...