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Stevie Documentary



Directed by: Steve David

Stevie is an extremely powerful, eye-opening and thought provoking documentary. It was filmed in 1995 by Charlie James, an award winning director/documentarian. Steve David was born in 1955 in rural Illinois. He is also the Director/Producer of a volume of great documentaries such as Baskeball hoop Dreams, The New Americans and a great film we have lately watched in the lecture The Interrupters. This 2002 documentary " Stevie” accounts the unlucky events of a disadvantaged small man's quest from young man to guy, and the entire struggle in between. Mr. Adam was an advocate big brother in 1982 in which he met a troubled child named Steven Fielding's. They might meet once per week as big brothers perform, in which period they created a relationship. Years later on the big sibling contract acquired ended and Mr. Wayne and Stevie had lost touch. Later on in life Mr. Adam developed emotions of guilt and that probably he had abandoned Stevie. So he made a decision to return back towards the town of Paloma, The state of illinois 10 years later, to explain the events of Stevie's your life. Steven Fieldings was born in March eighteenth, 1971 in Paloma, Illinois to Parents Bernice and step dad Orville. This individual has a sis named Brenda who ultimately ends up being his social secureness payee and a vital part of his your life in The state of illinois. Stevie endured severe physical, emotional and sexual mistreatment in his child hood. This individual spent the first few years of his life in the care of his Mother and Step Father Oriville, which up until Stevie was the thought was his natural father. His Mother Bernice was allegedly very tough and damaging with fresh Steven if he would " act up” or " talk back” as your woman puts it. At some point young Steven was sent to live within the care and supervision of his Grandma Verna Helger who cared and loved Steven dearly. His Granny was getting on in age group and was unable to give Steven the care and attention he needed. In year 1986 Stevie was given to the state for long term placement in foster treatment. Stevie put in 10 years for Hubert's boy's home in which he was maintained by Sesuatu and Dolinda for 3 years. They did the actual could with young Steven and he was finally getting adequate appreciate and supervision but eventually Hal acquired a job being a minister and left Hubert home. The next couple that took over Hubert's Boys residence was not as caring and compassionate as Hal and Dolinda were. Stevie suffered sexual, mental and physical abuse in the Hubert Residence. I believe these kinds of incidences in combination with the physical abuse he previously already endured at the hands of his mother will be the traumatic events that would include triggered his Mental Health problems. I would suggest based upon research that Stevie suffered with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and in addition some form of a Social Anxiety Disorder. The bad events during Stevie's years as a child shaped and moulded this kind of young male's future. We don't consider he had a fighting probability in life. Throughout the movie he says to him self: " Where ever I move. Neither right here nor generally there, trouble often follows me” (Steven Fieldings, " Stevie” 2002) Stevie never discovered how to function properly in society and was abused from an extremely young age. I think a very huge part of Stevies behaviour and the events of his existence can be attributed to his Mom Bernice. I found her hard to listen to sometimes during the film. I found that she down played the fact that she abused her son and took no responsibility pertaining to reality that was his life. She justified her behaviour and put the blame about everybody else. In the long run she was also the one that turned him into Law enforcement officials. Not to say that this wasn't the ideal thing to do, but the fashion that she made it happen in revealed that her love to get Stevie is definitely not what should be, or what the girl claims that to be. She gives off the impression that she always loved Steven and that he knows this. The lady gives off this impression that its seriously no big deal that dr. murphy is the way he can, and it's almost like she blames him or perhaps that he brought all of this on himself. I found that...

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