Why to purchase Automotive Industry in Turkey Essay

Why to purchase Automotive Industry in Turkey

US Investment in Automotive aftermarket in Turkey

Why to purchase Turkey?

Effective economy: Turkey has a glowing future and it is expected to be the speediest growing economic system among the OECD members during 2011-2017 with an annual typical real GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT growth rate of six. 7 percent. Foreign direct investments have been an important element of building Turkey's economy seeing that 2003. They have enjoyed a sustainable economical growth with 4. three or more percent annual average real GDP boost for the last six years and GDP growth by USD 230 billion in 2002 to USD 618 billion last year.

Turkey is a 16th largest economy in the world and the sixth largest overall economy compared to the EU area in 2009; FDI inflow in total for the last 7 years is finished USD 83 billion in fact it is ranked while the fifteenth most attractive FDI destination for 2008-2010 (UNCTAD). FDI Inflow to Turkey is presented below (USD billion):

Turkey offers attracted a high amount of FDI. Influx by the most important countries is usually presented under (USD million):

The legal guidelines, by providing increased rights plus more secure environment for international capital, helped the country catch the attention of more foreign direct expenditure; furthermore, it was supported by guaranteed profit transactions and similar treatment pertaining to the home and foreign investors. The corporation establishment methods have been made easier to a great extent as well.

Competitive tax system: Corporate income tax is reduced to 20 percent and individual tax is between 15 and 35 percent. В Tax benefits and incentives in Technology Development Specific zones, Industrial Areas and specific zones and Cost-free Zones can include total or part exemption via corporate tax.

Designed infrastructure: Poultry has developed technological infrastructure in telecommunications and transportation; furthermore, it has cheap sea transport and great railway vehicles to Central and Far eastern Europe.

Employment: Foreign capital companies might employ overseas personnel; in addition ,...