Master’s Thesis Writing Guide: Steps To Follow

Writing a Master’s thesis is one of the major challenges to a number of students. This is because this is often the last hurdle between them and their graduate degree. Many Master’s students however still lack the idea of what steps to follow when it comes to writing the paper. Here are the steps that one should follow when writing a Master’s thesis.

  • Choosing the topic
  • Whenever a student is asked to write a Master’s thesis, the student should ensure that they choose a topic that is not only interesting to the student but one that would address and answer an existing problem, knowledge or information gap. The student should select a topic that they would be interested in writing about. This is important because it will ensure that the student does not lack words to express themselves.

  • Develop a clear research statement and proposal
  • The student should then develop a clear and concise research statement that defines what the student intends to determine through the research. From the statement the reader should be able to determine conclusively what the student is researching about and what point the student is trying to prove or verify.

  • Carry out literature review
  • The student should then carry out a review of the existing literature and similar research works so as to identify what the other researchers have to say regarding the area that he or she is researching on. The student should ensure that they refer to literature that is not obsolete, and that he or she does extensive literature research. The literature research is mainly from secondary data sources.

  • Conduct the research
  • The student should then carry out research to collect primary data. This would involve use of data collection instruments such questionnaires and conducting interviews. It could also involve carrying out experiments and making observations.

  • Analyze and interpret the findings
  • The student should then analyze the findings and write the findings of the research in a presentable manner. This would involve using graphs, tables or charts to present the findings.

  • Preparation of the outline and writing the final draft
  • The student should then write the final draft of the thesis which should include a concise and clear introductory thesis statement, a detailed research body and a powerful conclusion that justifies the importance of the research and the gap for future researchers to follow through. It should also include appendices and relevant up to date references cited in the acceptable formatting style.

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