Should America Have Been Associated with World War 1 Essay

Ought to America Have Been Involved in Globe War 1

Yusef Lyons

U. S. Background


Should certainly America Had been Involved in Universe War We

Several factors played an important role as to the reasons America joined the warfare. Some of the most common reasons were the going of the Lusitania, the Zimmerman Telegram, Many economic connections with the Euro powers, and the Russian Revolution. I personally think that the U. S. needs to have gotten involved in WWI. America was planning to remain simple and showcase peace, but they couldn't stand by and carry on and let their particular civilians expire. In my opinion America lost even more lives after that what they had to.

Firstly, the sinking of the Lusitania caused America to lose innocent civilians and the supplies and weapons it was carrying the best Britain. The Lusitania was sunk suddenly, killing over 12o American civilians. With America planning to promote serenity, they dismissed it an acknowledged it like a loss. Moreover incident, submarines sank seven U. S i9000. merchant delivers which pushed the U. S. to be involved. As much as I believe in peace and tranquility, America couldn't simply stand by and continue to lose innocent lives. America was nowhere close to ready to join in the conflict.

Secondly, the Zimmerman Telegram was created. It had been an protected telegram dispatched from Indonesia to South america stating that if Mexico invaded the U. S. they would get back some of their terrain that was lost through the Mexican-American conflict. Fortunately the British cracked the code in time to warn the U. H. The thought of its contents in the American press on March 1st caused public invective which written for the United States assertion of conflict against Australia and its allies on The spring 6th.

Third, America had strong monetary ties with all the European forces. We required to help protect the Allies, in a way they were our partners. I experienced that America has invested too much money. They would have been dumb to just settle-back and let this go to waste materials. America got invested $2. 6 billion dollars in the war to be exact. If the allied...