Semantic Role Labeling, Natural Language Processing

Semantic role labelling is a field in linguistic and computer science that consist of the computer or people’s ability to detect the semantics within a sentence and derive meaning from the natural human language. Semantic role labelling is also known as shallow semantic parsing. In linguistic, parsing is the process of analyzing the meaning of a sentence.

Natural language evolved with human beings and thus used for communication purposes. The natural language process merges computer and human factors because it concerns itself with the interactions between the two. Special systems generate information from computers into readable human text. These systems convert samples of human dialect into proper symbols so that computers can easily understand and manipulate. The challenges of natural language is generating and understanding human language codes for the computer.

Human communication largely occurs as speech. Writing is a new form of communication for people. When it comes to understanding both written and spoken language, written language is easier to understand. Writing occurs as speech first, the audio signal is full of ambiguity and noise.

This discipline in academia is important because it acts as a basis on which the theories of generating and converting symbol for the computer to understand and respond in human language. It is equally important in natural language processing to a structure in which language can be described. Linguistic experts attempt to form the organizing principle that will be common to all human languages.

Natural language processing in computers is in areas such as information extraction, machine translation, automatic summarization, question answering, information retrieval, speech recognition, text-proofing, automatic summarization, optical character recognition, natural language generation and extraction among others. The effectiveness of these processes is dependent on knowledge on all aspects of language. In order to analyze natural language, it has to be broken down into broad levels that mostly are the structures of language. Among these structures is semantic analysis.

Semantic analysis focuses on understanding the meaning of the sentence. If computers are going to use natural language for communication, keyed in symbols will represent the sentence. This involves modelling a natural language sounds. A parser is the system developed for processing natural language. It acts as a compiler and interpreter. Parses are the basis for computer programming language and they create the internal symbols. Parsers are handwritten or generated by computer.

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