Residual Effect  Minimization Measure in EIA Essay

Residual Impact & Mitigation Evaluate in EIA


Left over impact can generally become defined as all those impacts that cannot be fully mitigated and thus will even now remain throughout the lifetime of the project. The following sub-sections illustrate and go over these effects with a particular emphasis on the size of the impacts and the relationship to the environment. Residual Influence Available in The Project:

10. one particular Permanent Area Use Transform and Attack of Man-Made Set ups Prior to development, the job area can be described as forest hold. Upon job completion, the land utilization of the area will be transformed into created environment (man-made lakes). All-natural vegetation will probably be replaced by simply water systems and built structures. From your macro environmental impact viewpoint, such modify will reduce the capacity from the area as being a carbon sink. Man-made constructions (dams and ancillary structures) will also permanently change the aesthetic setting from the area with all the consequential affects on normal aesthetics. This dam especially, is relatively big and will within a significant method intrude in to the natural placing of the location. As a consequence of the various development pieces, the existing landform of the location will also be altered to accommodate project design and construction requirements. The difference in landform can thus change the existing land profile in the area from the natural state. 10. a couple of Loss of Areas with Travel and Recreational Values.

The reduction in water flow downstream of the dam in Sg. Tembat will certainly affect the leisure value of some extends along the river including the Tembat Waterfall. Apart from the waterfall, visitors are also recognized to boat along the river to get fishing and boat voyages. Although some bare minimum flow is usually maintained, the recreational solutions provided by the river will be significantly reduced. It is estimated that there are some 100 guests per month who have engage in activities along the expand of Sg. Tembat which will be...