Passing: Family and Minor Personas Essay

Passing: Family and Slight Characters



Chicago and New York City, the mid-late twenties


Major Heroes Irene Redfield - Irene is the protagonist of this novel. She is a light-skinned African-American woman, who also sometimes " passes, ” when it is convenient for her. She is married to….. Minor Personas Clare Kendry/ Bellew -- Clare is actually a light-skinned, brunette, African-American girl, who goes as light. Clare had in the past Irene in South Aspect Chicago. Following Clare's nasty father…….. Greg Kendry -- Bob is usually Clare's imply father. He is the son of your white father and a great African-American mother. It is his white aunts that take care of Clare when he dies. Gertrude Martin - Gertrude is Irene and Clare's childhood friend. She is also…… Fred Matn - Wendy is Gertrude's white hubby.

David " Jack” Bellew -Jack is Clare's white partner, who does not really know that she is African American. He can a nasty racist. This individual refers to Clare as " Nig” because her skin has become darker throughout their marital life. He makes only three appearances inside the novel, though he is frequently…… Additional minor and major characters happen to be identified in the complete study guide. TURMOIL

The conflict of the plot is the major problem the protagonist encounters. Because Completing is such an ambiguous п»їKEY LITERARY COMPONENTS


Chi town and New York City, the mid-late 1920s


Major Characters Irene Redfield - Irene may be the protagonist of this novel. She's a light-skinned African-American female, who occasionally " goes by, ” launched convenient on her behalf. She is committed to….. Minor Characters Clare Kendry/ Bellew - Clare is a light-skinned, blonde, African-American woman, whom passes since white. Clare grew up with Irene in Southern Side Chicago. After Clare's nasty father…….. Bob Kendry - Joe is Clare's mean dad. He is the son of a white colored father and an African-American mother. It can be his light aunts that care for Clare once this individual dies....