Why Students Order Custom IB Extended Essays

IB schools are widespread around the world nowadays, which means that more and more students are seeking help with their IB extended essays. The extended essay, or EE, is a compulsory core component of the IB Diploma Program, and consists of a research paper that comprises up to 4,000 words, which the student independent investigates (CurrySchool of Education, Source).

It is more difficult and has more specific requirements and criteria than a regular essay, and the aim is to prepare students for undergraduate research, allowing them to engage in the detailed study of a particular subject area.  Coming up with an appropriate topic and question, personally exploring the subject, developing ideas and arguments and communicating them efficiently are the most important factors. The topic can’t be too broad or too narrow and must focus on only one subject. It leaves students with an increased ability to analyze, evaluate, and communicate.

Therefore, it becomes more obvious why some students order custom IB extended essays to boost their performance, because mastering the essay and the IB in general, is an essential aspect of achieving future goals in education and employment. And not everyone is skilled at writing such a complex and focused essay.

Professional writing services often have a lot of experience writing these essays and have developed a deep understanding of what is required in a good essay, in terms of content, language, and structure. They will know what makes an essay achieve a good grade and will be skilled in a range of topics. Specific requirements, research methods, themes, and formats need to be adhered to.

The IB extended essay is an essential component in attaining an IB diploma and receiving a poor grade can cause you to not be eligible for a diploma at all, unless you make up 28 points overall (ESSAYCAMP, Source). Therefore, students place a lot of importance on it and may feel the need to order custom IB extended essays. Of course, as with all writing services, students should ensure that they are using an affordable, reliable company and receiving original content.

If you do order an essay, it’s a good idea to check for errors and edit it to leave your own mark on it. You will also need to consult with your supervisor throughout the process so you will have to maintain some level of involvement in the process and not run the risk of being accused of cheating.

Matther Leitz

Editor in Chief, Ph. D.


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