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" Telenursing: Today and Tomorrow”


Tele-nursing has been around for a long period, but now a days it takes more strenuous and more practicing diversely in nursing. This is because it is saving a cost of care, helping the shortage of nurses, minimizing distances and travel time, keeping patients out of hospital and expending in coverage of healthcare to distance. The expansion of older population as well as the increase of chronic disease have cut the problem plus the challenges possess demanded a review of the way care services are traditionally offered. The practice of telenursing can lead to disparity of care, a cost effective care, and delivering proper care at home or perhaps non-hospital placing. The doctor engages in the practice of nursing more than distance using electronical system to talk or connect to a patient. Launch

Nursing jobs informatics can be using even more technology in managing information, and telenursing is mostly found in the practice. For example nurses currently use faxes, mobile phone, videophone, and computers. Telenursing is the use of telecommunications and computer pertaining to the delivery of nursing jobs care, and a few common uses are phone triage, monitoring for chronic disease, follow-up calls, training patents and providing treatment. Telenursing services can be well-timed and pricey effective for any patient, nevertheless nurses must be aware of the less visible potential effects of providing nursing jobs care (Sandelowski, 2002, p. 64). Theme availability and information supply Many countries have released telephone suggestions services to help to standardize advice and also to assist in controlling demand for healthcare. Telephone triage has a high demand after hours principal care support in Australia and New Zealand, which gives approval of it is value as being a health care resource. There...