Essay about No Heroes, No Evil doers

Not any Heroes, Zero Villains

No heroes, no villains

Shelby DiRoma

Monroe Community College or university

No characters, no evil doers

On Summer 28, 1972, James Richardson awaiting the subway coach which might take him to operate. He was ended and purchased to " put up both hands, and obtain against the wall”. These directions were given simply by an away duty Flow Authority patrolman named Steve Skagen. Skagen's actions appear unprovoked and unnecessary. After having a short tussle the two men exchanged photos and Richardson fled the scene on foot. Two other officers that had been on the main street over a subway stop were made conscious of what was transpiring below and rushed towards the scene. As they approached the entrance in the station, Richardson who was fleeing the picture ran straight into one of the representatives. The officer noticing Richardson's wound attemptedto stop Richardson and engaged in pursuit. The other police officer continued into the subway and witnesses Skagen who was in civilian clothes brandishing his weapon. At that moment the officer purged his firearm into Skagen who was able to let away one circular prior to the expert shooting him. Richardson was later apprehended and delivered to the emergency room for his wounds. His gun was also recovered. Skagen was rushed for the same clinic emergency room where he was noticable dead. Richardson confessed to shooting Skagen and revealed that there were just four times exchanged between two men. Skagen's autopsy revealed that he had been shot five times and showed 8-10 wounds altogether. The report stated that he had five entry pains, two get out of wounds, and one re-entry wound, yet only 4 bullets were recovered from your body. Richardson was arrested and recharged with criminal offence murder, drug possession in the second degree, experimented with murder, and escape inside the second level, felony possession of a system, reckless endangerment in the second degree, and criminal own stolen real estate in the third degree. Richardson obtained Bill Kunstler to get his protection. At arraignment...