Nistories of Churches in Ipoti Ekiti Area of Ekiti -Nigeria Article

Nistories of Churches in Ipoti Ekiti Area of Ekiti -Nigeria



According to the history of Christianity in Nigeria, Christianity in Ipoti-Ekiti can be traced to the one that started in Badagry in 1842. This came past due to Ekiti land as a result of Kiriji warfare and Ekiti Parapo conflict which ranged from 1877 to 1893. Therefore Christianity began in Ekiti in 1893. Among people who planted Christianity in Ijero area was Pa Ogunleye who was a native of Ipoti. He was the one dispatched by Madam Helena Fatiregun Doherty from Lagos to Ijero, although Pa Ogunleye did not produce influence within the Christianity in Ipoti. Christianity in Ipoti started in 1897 through a gentleman named Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun who was a native of Ipoti. This person got the light of Christianity through Pennsylvania Emmanuel Adeleye (Ajagbani) the then Effare Egbe Ijo of CMS Ijero. At this point Pa Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun a new sister who had been the partner of Pennsylvania Emmanuel Adeleye. This closeness made him to learn ABD every Sunday and he later designed his friend Pa Moses Ayibiowu. Thus the duo Pa Samson Ajayi and Pa Moses Ajibiowu would go to Ijero from Ipoti every Sunday to worship and to master ABD. Shortly, Pa Samson Ajayi Ogbon Edun and Pa Moses Ayibiowu started out the work with the gospel in Ipoti plus the following had been the initially converts: Samuel Aborisade, Pa Adirabata, Ayeni Gbekede, Ogungbangbe, David Aina Eleyinkebi, Joshua Obebe Jemirifo, Peter Omileye, David Agbejobi, Joseph Obebe, Ogunjobi Agujero, Awoniyi Awe Poun and others. After this convertion, Mr Olulode who was the Catechist in Ijero reached Ipoti to introduce the newest converts to the Kabiyesi Olupoti, Oba Adesoye and his Chiefs. It was only at that meeting that mr. Olulode asked the Kabiyesi to donate some of land for the commencement of church in Ipoti. The family of Odofin Eleyin Apon was asked to give the area since the first converts originated in the family members. Hence, the modern day Our Saviour's Anglican Cathedral compound was given to CMS. From 1897, a number of chapel workers acquired worked inside our Saviour's Anglican Church, Ipoti. THE LIST OF CHURCH EMPLOYEES

1 . Mister. J. A Odaliki -1915 – 1920

2 . Mister. S. O. Kolawole-1921 – 1923

a few. Mr. H. F. Akanbi-1924 - 1926

4. Mr. P. A. Jaiyesimi-1928 -- 1931

5. Mr. S i9000. A. Akintoye-1932 – 1933

6. Mr. J. N. Falusi-1934 -- 1935

several. Mr. T. T. Akerele -1935 - 1936

8. Mr. H. A. Omotuyi-1936 - 1944

9. Mister. E. Um. Olayemi-1944 – 1947

twelve. Mr. T. F. Ogunleye-1948 – 1949

11. Mr. J. O. Awe -1949 - 1950

12. Mr. J. O. Igbari -1951 - 1954

13. Mister. I. A. Falodun-1955 - 1966

18. Rev. Elizabeth. A. Ogundipe-1966 – late 1960s (The initial Vicar)

12-15. Rev. We. A. Arannilewa-1968 – 1973

16. Revolution. J. A. Kowosi-1974 – 1976

18. Rev. S. A. Awosusi-1976 - 1983

18. Add some opuch. J. Um. Jayeoba-1983 - 1989

19. Rev. G. A. Fasanmade-1989 - 1992

20. Add some opuch. E. W. Aladeniwa-1992 -- 1996

twenty-one. Rev. Elizabeth. O. Oniosun-1996 – 97

22. Revolution. A. Um. Ayodele-1997 – 1999

23. Rev. A. O. Ajayi-1999 – 2001

24. Ven. E. Capital t. Asaolu-2001 – 2007

twenty-five. Ven. M. O. Ogundare-2007 – By. 15th, 2010

26. Ven. J. Um. Olaosebikan-15th Jan. 2010 – Dec. 26th, 2010 twenty-seven. Ven. Versus. O. Akintoye-Dec. 27th 2010 – Date

The house of worship rose to a parish level in the year 1966 when the initial vicar was posted there in person of Rev. At the. A. Ogundipe. In the year 2001, the church became a great Archdeaconry Headquarter with Ven. E. T. Asaolu while the 1st archdeacon.


Christianity was introduced to Iloro-Ekiti by Pa Samuel Adeluka Ajai in 1906. He went to Ibadan to find out carpentry, thereafter he visited Lagos in which he was baptized and returned with some people among whom were: Pa Adeosun (the first layreader of the church), Pa David Ogunleye, Pa Emmanuel Popoola, Pa Olosunde and Pa Adeosun (the father from the 3rc Etonne Egbe).

This group resolved at Ile Oju Ogun where they will built their particular 1st thatch-roof church. Later other...