Nauryz Composition


Nauryz – Kazakh new year

Nauryz is an extremely important vacation for Kazakhs, which markings the beginning of a new year. It truly is celebrated a lot of days beginning with 21st of March, the afternoon of the spring equinox. Nauryz means ‘new day', it really is celebrated in the Great Steppes from historic times. Nauryz symbolizes amazing benefits and riches, happiness and love and a great camaraderie day, due to the fact that this holiday is usual for many international locations. During Nauryz celebrations, past offences are forgiven and forgotten and everybody constitutes a wish to keep all badness behind and bring vitality in the New Year. Celebration of Nauryz

Throughout the Nauryz vacation, large and small urban centers, villages turn into festival centres,  feltyurts – traditional nomad residences are built in city centres and rich dastarkhan (table) is laid down in each of them. City squares get filled with yurts, and lots of performances come about there. Below one can purchase culture and lifestyle of nomads and discover people wearing beautiful national outfits, listen to Kazakh songs and play of musical devices, etc . In holiday exhibitions and fairs traditional items and mementos are sold. Usually young people accumulate around Altybakan, which is a large hanging swing, with colourful decorations, exactly where songs happen to be sung, and traditional game titles are enjoyed. During Nauryz holiday, many famous superstars give concert events in cities and the vacation is completed by simply fireworks. Meals served during Nauryz

Nauryz kozhe is the central of all dishes during these days and a main sign of Nauryz, since it is definitely prepared especially for this day. Nauryz kozhe is unique for its exceptional recipe. Usually, 7 distinct ingredients are added to Nauryz kozhe, which might vary, nevertheless basically these types of ingredients include: normal water, meat, sodium, milk or yoghurt, one type of grains, picked from grain, corn or perhaps wheat, and others. Seven ingredients symbolize several virtues or perhaps qualities, just like joy, success, intelligence, health, wealth, flexibility and reliability. During the special event of...