Great Narrative Essays Samples Can Help You Out

Many of the greatest writer’s in the history of literature, learned from the samples of great writers who came before them. While plagiarizing is a serious offense, borrowing writing tools is very much so encouraged in most literary classes. We study the greats to be like the greats and in some cases, better. Using a great narrative essay sample in this way can only help you understand how to write a great essay yourself.

When looking at other narrative essays there are three things to look for that will benefit your writing:

  1. Format

    Pay close attention to how the essays are formatted. Can you identify the outline of the story? A focused format is crucial to the overall presentation of the story. The writer doesn’t want the reader to get lost so it’s important for them to have a structured path from one point to another in the story. Great essays will follow such a format.

  2. Description

    Many writers struggle with the descriptive nature of the narrative essay. Sometimes there is too much description, which tends to overwhelm the reader and get away from the story itself. While, other times there’s not enough description which doesn’t tell the story at all as it sounds more like a series of unexciting events. Powerful narrative essays find a healthy balance between both worlds, merging to form a realistic medium; focus on the natural feel of the descriptions great essays convey.

  3. Climax

    The worst thing to do is create a wonderfully descriptive and captivating story that stays in one unexciting place throughout. When brainstorming for your story, envision the climax and map out how you want to get to that point. The path should be natural and almost teasing. Give the reader just a few small hints along the way, building an excitement, and then take them over the edge. Some great writers write the ending and then go back and fill in the blanks.

Keep in mind that samples are meant to get your mind thinking. If you’re writing a narrative essay about a figure in history but you’re more interested in comic book heroes, look for samples of narrative essays that tie in the stylistic comic book writing approach. This is a great way to get motivated for the piece, in addition to exposing yourself to different narrative styles.

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