Psychology: Pressure Log Composition

Psychology: Anxiety Log

Day One:

1 . February twelfth, 2013

2 . I used to be sitting at home, on my laptop when my friend decided to walk in and tell me to start my own homework. Small did the girl know, as she continued on yelling by me about how precisely I by no means do anything, I was reading my math textbook. After we had got into a spat, she left the room, and instead of continuing to see, I got on the computer to take my mind off the situation. 3. When i had gotten into an argument with my mom, I recently came across that I began to get a frustration and my personal neck experienced very tense. 4. I had been mad in the situation, and also my mom, and felt unfortunate that my friend felt that I wasn't employing my time usefully. your five. To cope with the strain, I decided to get on the computer to take my mind off of things. 6. I felt that the strategy that I used was fairly powerful in that it took my mind off the situation and enable me enjoy the rest of my own night.

Day Two:

1 . Feb 14th, 2013

2 . My boyfriend and I were relaxing for our house watching tv when we had a unnecessary argument that got all of us both very heated. Staying how I am, I removed myself from your situation and walked from the room, offering us the two a chance to cool-down because heading out to supper for Valentine's Day. 3. After getting into the argument I discovered that my head started to feel like it was throbbing. 4. Primarily I was furious at the reality we were disagreeing over something so straightforward, but then I had been overwhelmed with all the feeling it turned out pointless being arguing. your five. To cope with the situation, I returned downstairs towards the room in which my sweetheart was and talked to him as to what had occurred, and eventually figured out our dissimilarities. 6. I thought how I coped with the stress worked very well, as not of us endured any long term effects through the stress and in the end, worked out our complications.

Time Three:

1 . February seventeenth, 2013

2 . I used to be sitting at home, doing my personal homework once i got hungry. I went into my kitchen and started to boil normal water so that My spouse and i...