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Merchandise Red and Red Retro T-shirt

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(RED) was created by Vale and Bobby

Shriver, Chief of DATA, to boost

awareness and money to get The Global Pay for

by teaming up with the world's many iconic

brands to produce (PRODUCT) REDbranded goods. A percentage of every ( PRODUCT) RED merchandise sold is given to

The Global Fund. The cash helps ladies

and children with HIV/AIDS in Africa. 1

The (RED) initiative was set up in

early 2006, with Rwanda selected as

the initial region to take advantage of sales

with the (RED) products. The 1st products

released in the UK were the (PRODUCT)

RED American Express card and a

(PRODUCT) RED vintage Tee shirt, jersey from

Difference launched in March 2006. Other

companies joining the scheme included


Motorola, Speak, Apple (introducing a

(PRODUCT) RED iPod) and Emporio

Armani. There were also a exceptional (PRODUCT) REDDISH COLORED

Ad Era figure of 100 , 000, 000 was merely a ‘phantom

edition of the Self-employed, guest edited by Vale.

number pulled out of slender air'.

Support for the (RED) plan has come from Bill

A write-up in the Self-employed went on to accomplish its own

Entrance, interviewed in Advertising Era: ‘Red is all about

mathematics, concluding that the number raised was

saving lives... if there is not enough money to buy

$25 million in six months which, on an promoting

drugs, people die, and so we can declare, " Hi there, let's

expenditure of $40 million, this was a ‘staggeringly good

just let that happen, ” or perhaps we can have all the paths

rate of return'.

accessible to us. ' He acknowledged that this included

They proceeded to argue: 3

governments becoming more generous, but likewise believed

that consumers desired ‘to relate themselves

the particular RED motivation has set out to do – and with a

success in the event that $25 mil in six months is 1 / 2 the profits REDDISH COLORED with conserving lives' which what Difference or Armani

products could have made – is build a stream of...