Essay about Melting Weed or Salad Bowl

Shedding Pot or Salad Pan

The usa: Melting Weed or Salad Bowl?

1 . Foreign nationals from all around the world have come to negotiate in the United States exactly where they all obtained together and created one particular " Americanized” culture. All of the people through this culture have got a lot of the same traits. A lot of the Americans speak English. Virtually all Americans costume the same and eat a large amount of the same food. Public schooling, communication around the globe, and other influences shaped america. 2 . All the immigrants that settled in the us came together together country, nonetheless they kept their particular traditions, ethnicities, foods, languages, religions, etc . Many things present that they continue to keep their very own ways. Eating places with different foods such as German or Chinese language. People via different locations around the world stay in different places in the US such as Mexicans living in Texas. There are churches, synagogues, and mosques for many kinds of religions. There are festivals and holidays which have been celebrated in the US by particular people. It can saying that the has people from all around the world that still have their cultures and traditions, and that it’s not mixed together into one issue. 3. I do think that today the United States is known as a salad bowl. The things that We talked about showcased 2 make clear my answer. People that arrive and emerged here still have their religions, traditions, ethnicities, foods, gown, etc ., today. As I said prior to, many things demonstrate that the people in the US even now keep their particular ways. You will find restaurants that serve several foods. A lot of people live in the same area because their ethnic group. To teach and preserve distinct religions and a few traditions there are churches, synagogues, and mosques. A lot of festivals and holidays will be celebrated by simply different people. This shows you the fact that cultures and traditions are certainly not mixed together like a melting pot. some. Currently, a large couple some problems with migration into the US. One is actually people by Mexico...