Understanding The Process Of Writing A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays can be challenging to some students because writing something more interesting than just a bunch of features takes a bit of creativity.

A ‘What’ or a ‘Who’

Before getting started on your essay, decide what you are writing on, i.e. person, place or object. Each of these three will respectively determine in what direction your paper will go. If you’re describing a person, remember that that person has a character, not just two arms, two legs and a head. If it’s a place, there’s always a story behind the visible front which can easily be elaborated on. Objects also have purpose and meaning, and finding yours’ will make your descriptive essay a lot more interesting to read.

Get a life

To get your juices flowing in the area of creativity, it’s best to look at your essay from a thematic point of view, rather than being too clear-cut. In other words, if your essay is on describing the aspects of the human bronchial system, rather opt to emphasize the crucial necessity of each feature in your description as it pertains to a person breathing, instead of just naming those features in a bland and strictly descriptive manner.

I’m right there

Descriptive essays give the writer an exciting opportunity to engage all the senses of the reader. Anyone can say, “The tree was big and awesome,” but it takes some initiative to put the reader there with something like, “Walking past that big old tree made you feel small. None of us had arms long enough to wrap around it, but we all tried anyway, just for the sake of getting another whiff of that old oak scent.”

Don’t forget to describe

Bear in mind that this is a ‘descriptive’ essay, so don’t skimp on the details. Chances are you are getting marked on each point you describe. Name your features as freely as you want, but make sure that each feature is made valid with something that distinguishes it appropriately.

The go-over

Give yourself some time and space before going back to edit and check your work. Mulling it over in your subconscious and reading it again later will put you in the same frame of mind as the person who will read your essay. From this viewpoint, make sure that you’ve written enough details to make your professor as much of an expert as you are on the chosen topic.

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