Homework Assistants are not helpful

Homework is given to the students of all grades. It start from your play group and goes on high levels even of masters. In the primary schools students are given such home works that are easy for them to do themselves like coloring the figures. When you step in to high school you are given creative homework and at masters’ level you are assigned with topics and you have to submit research papers. So basically it is a trend that never ends.

Homework Assistance

Now the question arises that the home work assistants are helpful or not. In the primary classes it is the responsibility of the parents to help their children in their home work because it is the time to make their basis strong. The level of assistance varies from student to student. Not all students are of same mental level. Some students do their work without waiting for the help from their elders and some students need help throughout their career. Some experts say that the assistance should be up to a certain level. It must not be enough to do the whole home work of the student by you. Let student do his homework himself and when teacher highlight the mistakes of the student it will make him more conscious about his homework.

  • He will try to do mistakes to a minimum because students learn more from his mistakes than the assistance from someone.
  • It would be helping for the student that if you make him realize his own weakness rather dictating him that here you have done mistake.
  • If he is writing an essay it is your responsibility to make him choose the words that are more effective. In this way he will be able to learn many meanings of a single word and he will use different at different places.
  • It is also helpful for the student that before writing essay he talks about the topic.
  • He gets information from his elders and then writes the essay in his own words that he has learnt by listening.
  • Make the habits of your child such that you have a proper check on his studies.
  • Warn him that after his homework you will check it and if you find any mistake you will go to punish him.

These all are the different sources to make your child bright but writing the whole homework of your child is not helpful for him.

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