list of a few papers to get the laser in petroleum engineering

list of a few papers to get the laserlight in petroleum engineering

GTI Personnel Papers upon Laser Technology

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Publications by GTI Staff on Application of Lazer Technology to Well Structure and Conclusion

1 . Batarseh, S. My spouse and i., Gahan, M. C., Sharma, B. C., R. june 2006. " Advancement in Wellbore Perforation Employing High Electricity Laser, " IPTC Paper 10981, Foreign Petroleum Technology Conference, Doha, Qatar, Nov 21-23.

2 . Gahan, B. C. " Putting the Pressure about Fiber Lazer Perforations" (pdf 461 KB) GTI Record No . GTI-05/0243, GasTIPS, 11, No . 5 (Fall 2005), pp. 18-21. 3. Gahan, B. C., Batarseh, T., Watson, Ur., Deeg, Watts. 2005. " Effect of Downhole Pressure Circumstances on High-Power Laser Perforation, " SPE Paper 97093, SPE Twelve-monthly Technical Meeting and Exhibition, Dallas, TEXAS, October 9-12.

4. Gahan, B. C. " Digesting Rocks, " Industrial Laserlight Solutions, Sept. (2005): 16-18. 5. Gahan, B. C. " Fibers Laser Gives Fast Track to completely clean Perforations" (pdf 277 KB), GTI Record No . GTI-05/0226, GasTIPS, 14, No . 2 (Spring 2005), pp. 17-20. 6. Gahan, B. C., Batarseh, S i9000. 2004. " An Overview of High Power Lazer Applications Study from Very well Construction and Completion, " (pdf 553 KB), 2005 International Gas Research Conference (IGRC), Vancouver, BC, November 1-4.

7. Batarseh, H., Gahan, N. C., Sharma, B., Gowelly, S. 2004. " Analysis of High Power Ytterbium Dietary fiber Lasers to get Rock Trimming and Removing Applications, " Paper 1402, 23rd International Congress in Applications of Lasers and Gadgets, San Francisco, CA, October 4-7.

8. Gahan, B. C., Batarseh, S i9000., Reilly II, J. F., Wilcox, N. H. 2004. " Geological Investigation of the Lunar and Martian Area and Subsurface Using High Power Lasers, " Daily news AIAA-20046046, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Space 2005 Conference and Exhibit, North park, CA, September 28-30.

being unfaithful. Gahan, N. C., Batarseh, S., Sharma, B., Gowelly, S. 2004. " Evaluation of Successful HighPower Fiber Lasers for Well Perforation, " SPE Paper 90661, SPE Annual Technical Seminar and Exhibition, Houston, TX,...