Levis Questionnaire Essay

Levis Questionnaire

Questionnaire: LEVI STRAUSS & CO. Ltd

1 . General characteristics:

(i) Age


(iii) Month-to-month income/father's profits

(iv)User Type (outgoing, conservative, reducing edge) installment payments on your Name the first five brands which in turn comes to your head when you consider apparel brands? (1) (2) (3)(4)(5) a few. Which in the brands will be the preference should you not get Levi's in the store?


4. Would you buy any other brand if you find Levi Strauss?

(1) Yes(2) Not any

5. Issue you put on Levi's brand?

(i) Often

(ii) Occasionally

(iii) In special occasions


6. Do you buy some other brand rather than Levi's if perhaps its price are increased?

(i)Yes(ii) No

six. Would you go for Levi's manufacturer rather than the brand should you come to find out about a Discount at Levi's store? (i)Yes(ii) No

almost eight. Describe the purchase decision criterion: (% weight age)

(i)Brand Term



(iv)Fabric quality/fit:

9. You associate with Levi's since:

(i)Trendy clothes Brand

(ii)Good fabric quality/fit (Good Item Quality)


(iv)High-end denim wear

12. Rate the importance of brand term while buying Jeans?

(i)Essential(ii) Attractive but not essential(iii) Not important 11. Charge the importance of design/style buying Denim?

(i)Essential(ii) Desirable although not essential(iii) Not important doze. Rate the importance of cost while buying Jeans?

(i)Essential(ii) Desirable but not essential(iii) Not significant 13. Price the importance of product/fabric quality while buying Jeans?

(i)Essential(ii) Desirable but not essential(iii) Not significant Definitely offers benefit = 3

Fine job in delivering the benefit=2

Certainly not perceived to deliver the benefit sama dengan 1

18. Rate the next brands according to brand name:

Levi Strauss1 2 several...