Legalization of Medical Cannabis Essay

Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Whether or not medical marijuana should be legalized is actually a bigger controversy than it ought to be these days. There are advantages and disadvantages to medical weed being legalized, as there are benefits and drawbacks to any and everything in this world, but first Im seeking to add that in 1972, the Congress located marijuana in Schedule My spouse and i of the Handled Substances Act because that they considered this to have " no acknowledged medical use. " Ever since then, 20 of 50 US states and DC have got legalized the medical utilization of marijuana (ProCon. org).

Some of the advantages often include pain relief of a number illnesses and pain and is a safe and effective treatment for symptoms of AIDS, MS, epilepsy, malignancies, and plenty of other health issues. According to Joycelyn Parents, MD, former US Physician General " The evidence is usually overwhelming that marijuana can easily relieve certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms brought on by such health problems as multiple sclerosis, cancer and HELPS -- or by the tough drugs occasionally used to handle them. It will do so with remarkable protection. Indeed, marijuana is less dangerous than many of the drugs that physicians suggest every day" (ProCon. org). After browsing her assertion on pot, I cannot support but believe if it may help in those ways then simply why not permit people who are battling every day from pain and illness make an effort medical weed and see whether it helps associated with their symptoms. Also, In my opinion that in the event that alcohol and tobacco happen to be legal prescription drugs then what the difference in legalizing medical marijuana can be, at least this drug has some health benefits contrary to alcohol and tobacco, that may cause tumor and other health problems.

Even while, there are cons to legalizing medical marijuana such as it can truly be an addictive habit, have got short-term side effects like recollection loss and trouble considering. It may also have some harmful long lasting effects, like lung cancer, a fragile immune system, and increased heart-attack risk inside the hour following smoking it...