Learning Preferences Essay

Learning Preferences

Learning Personal preferences

1 . Identify your best dimension on the personality range.

My most effective dimension around the personality spectrum is a giver (32). Every word on the list of giver explains me. My honesty is most likely one my personal strongest. As I get older and being the mother of two great boys, I just feel only at that exact second in my life you don't need to to lay. Honesty is key, but at times I feel I actually am a little too honest and may even hurt somebody's feelings, although not intentionally. I just feel " it is what it is”. I love promoting peace whether it's a new issue or perhaps family. I simply think that everyone would be a lot happier within their lives whenever we can be honest with one another and promote positivity. I hate drama.

2 . Describe how each practice activity sturdy or contradicted something about yourself.

In the Persona Spectrum Evaluation it contradicted me about being a visual learner. In the Multiple Path ways to Learning Assessment that resulted in me personally being under-developed, but in one of many activities in the Personality Range it declared that I was excellent in this area. I need to say it left me slightly baffled, but at the same time I find myself my answers can vary to certain situations that can myself contradict me personally in this case. I feel that I can adjust to different learning environments very well, just like I'm learning the OLS. This really is definitely an contradiction. The Barsch Learning Style Products on hand activity helped me realize that I actually am more proficient in the kinesthetic learning style than I am a visual student. This activity made me believe hard and deep as to what my learning abilities happen to be and the things i thought these people were. I definitely love doing work hands on and encouraging others. I actually am generally the one that normally starts dishing out tips first once i am grouped up with other folks..