It is not since things are challenging that we do not dare For the reason that we do not care to that things are difficult.  Seneca Article

It is not necessarily because things are difficult that people do not dare; It is because we do not dare that things are tough. – Seneca

Not necessarily because everything is difficult we do not care; It is because do not dare that things are difficult. Seneca Challenges and problems are a part of life. You cannot avoid these types of problems; it will eventually always arise no matter how much you try to take control or perhaps organize the items in your lifestyle..... Problems are not the reason why a person lives a difficult and miserable life; most of the time, 2 weeks . matter of perspective. Because often , majority of persons let challenges defeat them through thoughts of anger, fear and anxiety. These negative emotions paralyze a person to move forward and take a step up resolving the challenge.







What does which means that?

This quotation tries to differentiate between the items we are worried to do since they are hard and the things which might be hard mainly because we are scared. I have found this kind of to be the case more often than I would like to admit. Certainly, there are some issues which are difficult and therefore were reluctant to try (triple integral calculus, anyone? ), but in my experience, they may be fairly rare. At least until you get out to the corners of normalcy. And to some extent, that very normalcy is the key. To someone who has a PhD in math or perhaps physics, and does this kind of products on a daily basis, a triple crucial isn't possibly remotely terrifying, right? The things you are used to, you are willing to challenge, because you understand all about it. The things all of us don't know will be the things that become tough because our imaginations are likely to exaggerate the chance, both in seriousness and chance. If we could possibly get a deal with on that fear, to know the risk, dread can be significantly diminished, as well as the act could be undertaken.