Question and Backyard Composition

Question and Backyard

Welcome eveyone to the poems festival-perspectives on Autralian ethnical identity. I selected to present idea through performs of Ruben Tranter. A wonderful poet who also presents his ideas about life through words, specifically poetry. I will be using two of his poems. Debbie and co and backyard. I actually wil base most of my own ideas in Debbie and co and refer to Backyard

The poem Debbie and co is placed on a public pool on a Sunday afternoon and backyard is based on a household or two creating a barbeque in the backyard. Two typical items Australians would do. Through these actions John Tranter tries to demonstrate tranquil mother nature of Australian culture and Australians laid back attitude to life.

This is displayed in both poems in several ways. If we look over Debbie and co the first collection says the authorities pool is chockablock. This provides the composition a specific placing. John tranter used collaqiual language within order to highlight the lack of space at the pool area. This can be unlike garden where the poem never mentions about amount of people. In backyard this says ¡°the god of smoke listens idly in hot weather to the bbq sausages speaking the language of rain deceitfully as their excess fat dances¡± In this article John tranter uses representation of the smoke cigars as a godly figure as well as the sausages excess fat talking and dancing as it is heated around the barbeque. It will help with the images where the reader would think about the smoke rising above the meat like a godly figure as if it is searching down on the sausages. This is similar in the manner John tranter says in Debbie and co, ¡°awash with bubbles and chlorines chemical chat. ¡± And ¡°the piss-tinted water slaps the tiles¡± This again is the use of personification which helps with you imagining the visuals and sounds of a particular field.

In backyard, you will find not as various people reaching each other. This may lead to the second line in Debbie and co wherever it says ¡°with greek kids yelling in italian¡± through this line John...