Essay about Human and Food

Individual and Food

Oral Examination 2012: FCE Paragraphs - Examining and Pronunciation Part

Unit 1: Manage with care

After new accounts of drug-taking amidst teenage types in the care of their model agencies, the catwalk community has once more come under scrutiny. Jess Hallett used to be a booker, taking bookings to get models, arranging their itineraries, and generally working their lives. She talks about the extent she traveled to in order to protect her young ladies. […] All of us did all kinds of things pertaining to our ladies. Whether it had been because we were holding having a difficult experience at university, had decide to part with their sweetheart, or hadn't got a career they urgent needed, their booker was the one they talked to.

Device 2: Going to extremes: ice-climbing

Because the brand suggests, professionals of this sport clamber up ice composition, usually with an responsable in every hand and in the case of steeper slopes, crampons- metal spikes which in turn grip the ice- on the bottom of their footwear. The type of ice you ascend also establishes the tools you take with you. Water ice, just like found in iced waterfalls, is created from water and is frigid and more frail than alpine ice, the frozen snow that varieties glaciers. […] Whatever the circumstances, the sport needs you to end up being mentally tough and have the flexibility and upper-body strength of a monkey.

Device 3: The Convenient Contemporary society, or con for brief

A few days ago I had taken my children to a Burger King for lunch time and there was a distinctive line of about a dozen cars in the drive-through window. Now, a drive-through window is not just a window you drive through, but a window you drive up to and acquire your food via, having located your buy over a phone along the way; the idea is to provide quick takeaway food for the people in a hurry. […] But this was nothing at all compared with the case today. Folks are so addicted to convenience they own become caught on a bad circle: a lot more labour-saving gadgets they get, the harder they need to function; the harder they work, the...