How to Start an Essay – Creating a Solid Introduction

While writing an introduction in an informative essay it's most important to highlight your foundation or thesis. The intro paragraph is one of the most crucial areas as it states the topic and introduces an idea or argument to your audience. Commonly writers make the mistake of beginning an essay with cold hard facts instead of luring their readers into a dispute. This is an element that can make or break whether or not the audience continues to read the essay from top to bottom. Before you begin the introductory portion it's essential to build an understanding of any controversy or conflict associated with the subject matter.

Regardless of the essay topic the intro should determine whether or not a reader is engaged in your position. As you begin it's effective to talk about both sides of an issue. Integrate suspense and curiosity into the first paragraph to keep the reader questioning the validity of your argument. Consider building an outline before beginning to construct the essay in a way that is both intriguing and clear. Remember to elaborate on your thesis by taking advantage of the first sentence. Think of how you can embrace it to spark curiosity within the reader.

Using a Hook to Build an Impression

The hook is the portion of your essay that is either going to engage or disengage the audience. Make the first statement stand out while also avoiding cliché wording, quotations and the use of trivia. Whether the introductory paragraph is long or short it should spark eagerness and take more of a neutral position until you reach the end of the essay where you can prove your point using supplemental information. As you are structuring the hook it should acknowledge key arguments within the thesis and do so by pointing out more than one position.

By tackling controversy or topics that an audience is curious about it can lead them to not only begin the reading but finish it with the intent to agree or disagree with your point. As you write the hook and thesis statement use appeal to increase the likelihood of a thorough reading. The basis of your paper depends on the reader's first impression which can only be reflected within the intro. Make it informative, attention-grabbing and direct so that the theme of the paper is both apparent and embracive toward those who may or may not agree with the position of your writing.

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