Following Professional Tips: a Cause and Effect Essay

A Cause and Effect Essay is one that concerns itself with why something happened (the cause) and what happened because of it (the effect). When you are writing a cause and effect essay consider these tips:

You need to distinguish between the two. In order to figure out the cause of something ask yourself why it happened. In order to figure out the effects ask yourself what happened because of it. Look at the following example:

  • Cause: the car is out of gas
  • Effect: the car will not start

In some cases there are multiple causes that contribute to one effect or there are multiple effects that may result from one cause. Consider this example:

Causes:professionals in the field are receiving high salaries

  • Parents are accountants
  • Did well in business class in school
  • Loves math

Effect: decided to major in accounting

Or this example:

Cause: fewer hours in the office

Effects: reduced income

  • Irritated employer
  • More studying time
  • More personal time spent with family

Of course many situations may prove to be more complicated than that which is why you must ensure you develop your thesis wherein you clearly state what you will be discussing. You may only write about causes or only about effects or you may write about both.

Once you have your thesis statement you should find supporting details that back up your thesis and you should organize them based on their relevancy. You might consider organizing your details in the following manners:

  1. You can organize information chronologically.

    This is where your details are arranged based on the order in which events took place.

  2. You can organize information based on the order of importance.

    This is where your details are arranged from those which are most important to least important or from those that are least important to most important.

  3. You can organize information categorically.

This is where your details are divided into categories or topics and arranged accordingly.

Make sure you have appropriate transitions that blend your paragraphs seamlessly. When transitioning for cause-related paragraphs consider the following words:

  • Due to
  • Because of
  • One cause is
  • Another is
  • Since
  • For
  • First
  • Second

When transitioning for effect-related paragraphs consider the following words:

  • Therefore
  • One result is
  • Another is
  • Resulted in
  • Thus
  • As a result
  • Consequently
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