ADHD Homework Tips: where to look for Sources

ADHD is a common childhood disorder. It affects thousands of children, with the onset of symptoms present before the age of six. It can also affect adults as well. Those who suffer with ADHD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, have trouble paying attention and concentrating which can have an effect on their everyday life. If you are writing a paper about this condition, finding credible sources of information is a must. There are so many misconceptions about ADHD, its causes and how to treat it. The last thing that you want is to have the wrong information in hand.

Finding ADHD Information

There are several places to find credible information for your ADHD homework. Among those choices you will find:

  • Medical Journals
  • Medical journals are written by experts in the field. They contain trustworthy information because the writer of the document has expertise in the matter. Medical journals are accessible via the web, through textbooks at the library and more.

  • Online
  • Many students turn to the web to find ADHD information. This is perfectly fine; however, you want to ensure that you are using only reputable online sources of information. Look for websites that are popular and recommended.

  • Medical Magazines
  • Numerous medical magazines are catered specifically to ADHD, as the condition affects so many. Using these sources for information is beneficial and you can always be sure that you find accurate information only.

  • Scholar Websites
  • Google Scholar is one of the many scholarly websites that you can take your pick from. These sites are perfect for gathering ADHD information and available with a few clicks of the mouse. Use them to your advantage.

You can even use your own doctor or personal situation and experiences with ADHD to help you complete your homework, if this is an applicable situation. Nothing is better to use than firsthand knowledge of a situation.

Finding Credible ADHD Information

Gathering information about ADHD is not difficult at all, but finding credible information poses a bit more difficulty. Whenever you have this type of topic for homework, make sure that you use the information above to help you find those websites that you should use to gather your information, as well as the other sources that are available as well. When you use these sources to find ADHD information you can be certain that you are providing an exceptional report that will impress the instructor.

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