Health and Fitness Essay


I believe too much the things i will publish for my instructor since all terms in any kinds of dictionary that do not effectively tell or describe this kind of human who may be Ms. Credit Ghareeb. Not necessarily praise or courtesy intended for my instructor to get A or to be the favorable student in the front her. I wish to tell the reality because this trainer if we have got same her for all themes we will not include complain for any problem that we will deal with it in the course. When I discuss for her person she is kindly, work hard to give the information and knowledge pertaining to student with simply techniques without any feeling of boring intended for the class. I really do not want to talk too much by her although I publish poem which in turn describe her and I hope if tiny from her personality I will describe this because she's the best for all those ways.

Ms. Dana you are gift idea from KRISTUS

You give and don't accept gift from people

You happen to be kindly and good description in you

You take care of your college students

Do your best and present all whatever you have to your students

All of the words are generally not enough for you personally

But most what I can is symbolize you and clap

At the end My spouse and i pray always for you to accomplish for your goals and reach the best positions in the future

Every what do for us and the study course which you arrange is advantage but I would like to mention to get something which may be the quizzes in case you tell the students for them as the students have a lot of subjects which will must examine for them possibly. Also, you may decrease like those did just before for two quizzes you produced them in one quiz that worth 20. I think will probably be better intended for student to have little questions with more details to study will be hard but will decrease the pressure of the analyze for this program. Finally, I want to thank you so much for all what performed and do for all of us.