High School Essay Writing Manual: How to Start

In high school a student has a lot to live for. There are sports, that can turn into a lucrative scholarship, lots of after school clubs, and social events one can take part in with their friends with so much on their plate it's often hard to think about writing a paper, or focusing enough to get one done. With that being said teachers are still going to ask that you completer on and it is your job to make each and every paper a success starting with the introduction. If you need a little help in getting your paper started this article is for you.

First let it be stated that you don't have to be a professionally trained writer to deliver a stellar paper. When starting your paper you should first utilize an outline. The outline will help you set a working structure, in which you will base your paper.

The introduction of your paper is the most important. Why, you ask. It is important because this is the point in which a reader will decide if the work is worthy of their reading it or not. As you want them to read your work, and be genuinely interested, it is your job to reel them in. A great introduction starts with a great hook. A hook is the opening line that makes them want to jump right into your work. It can ask a question in a provocative manner, not even be a controversial statement. Either way it needs to draw the reader in. After you have caught the reader with your hook, you have to keep them interested.

To keep the reader interested you have to delve into what you work will focus on, though not in great details. At this point it is your responsibility to let the reader know what your thesis is. The thesis needs to be clear, concise, and easily identifiable by the reader. After the thesis had made its way into the paper, within the first few sentences, the author must touch on the main facts that he or she will focus on in the paper. You do not need to go into great details here. After the main points have been introduces you can talk about the main research you will be referencing in the work. The reference material must be relevant to your thesis.

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