Suggestions on How to Write a Great College Essay

It happens all the time. Your professor or teacher assigns you an essay to write. You're sitting in class, thinking of topics, and it doesn't seem like it'll be that hard. Then you sit down to start writing and your mind goes blank. So let's go over some suggestions for writing a great college essay, and help you get your thoughts flowing again!

The first thing you need to do is some background research. It's a lot easier to write when you know a good deal about the subject you're going to be writing about. If you're writing an essay on the causes of World War II, go check out some books, essays, and heck even movies. Watch, read, learn!

Creating a Thesis

Once you get a feel for the subject, you'll need to come up with a thesis (unless, of course, your professor assigned you a thesis). This thesis will be a one line statement that makes a controversial claim, which means that not everyone will agree with it.

This means your thesis can't be something like “Germany started World War II because Hitler wanted to go to war.” Everyone already knows that, so it has be something more controversial. For example, “Hitler was driven by delusions of grandeur and an egotistical need for success, which encouraged him to declare war.”

Writing Your Essay

When you have a thesis in hand, even if it's more of a rough idea or angle that you're going to argue, you need to start writing. One easy way to get started on an essay is to create a bullet list of pieces of data, points, and other information that you can use to support your theses. For example:

Hitler started World War II because he was delusional

  • He demonstrated symptoms of delusional paranoia
  • He was rejected from art school, creating a sense of rejection
  • He was a megalomaniac who wanted to conquer the world

Once you come up with a list of points, you should start finding evidence to support them. Each point should support your thesis and provide evidence that what you state is true. If you can't find good evidence, get rid of the points. As these points expand into paragraphs they'll become the basic structure of your essay.

As you go along, look for areas where you can add details and nuances. This will make your essay stronger and more interesting

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