2010 Research Paper Topics that are Still Interesting

Need a research paper topic that’s classic, but still interesting enough to keep your audience’s attention? Well, luckily great research paper topics never go out of style. There are hundred of paper topics available to students that can be just as interesting now as they were several years ago – say, in the year 2010. Below is a short but informative list of research paper topics that can still cause a stir in your classrooms today. Read through and find the topic right for you!

  1. National security. A topic like this will probably never go out of style. The idea of national security, ‘big brother,’ terrorism and many other related factors is still a hot button topic today – and it will likely remain such for a long time!
  2. Gay marriage. Civil unions and other ‘non-traditional’ marriages are always considered heated topics of discussion – and this is as true now as it was in 2010. Write a paper about gay marriage and their rights, and you’re likely to have an intrigued audience.
  3. Public education effectiveness and laws. The year 2010 brought us some educational change, but public education is still widely debated in every area. The effectiveness of certain programs is called in to question; the drop out rates continue to climb. Write a research paper on education and everyone will be interested – because in some way, it does affect us all!
  4. Marijuana. We were trying to legalize it in 2010, and we’re still trying to legalize it today. The ongoing debate on marijuana use has been the subject of national and international attention, and exploring the laws, regulations, effects and research behind marijuana can lead to a seriously interesting paper.
  5. Technology. It seems like they invent a newer, faster and better form of technology every day – whether it’s a new phone, computer, car or even household appliance. Writing a paper on the advancements of technology and the future of technology is still intriguing, just as it was in 2010.
  6. Obesity. This topic has actually been around for many years – not just in 2010. However, obesity is still a rising issue in many paces the world over. Childhood obesity is an even more sensitive and serious issue. Tackle this problem, and you’ll have more than a few interested readers.
  7. Censorship and the internet. People are willing to fight tooth and nail to preserve the freedom of the internet – always have and always will. Write on something that hits so close to home for so many people, and you’re guaranteed to have a star paper on your hands.
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