Essay regarding Grapes of Wrath: John Casey being a Christ Figure

Fruit of Difficulty: Jim Casey as a Christ Figure

In the new, The Fruit of Wrath, John Steinbeck brings to someone a variety of varied and significantly significant personas. However , almost all each characters' individuality occurs lie inside what they symbolize in the microcosm of the Joad family and their particular acquaintances, which will itself is short for the entire migrant population with the Great Depression period. One such persona is that of John Casey, an ex preacher and long-time friend of the Joads. In this tale, Casey signifies a latter-day Christ number who allonge to bring religious stability to the burgeon of migrant people facing Western world.

Steinbeck manages to offer Jim Casey the exact inventeur as the historical savior (J. C. ), which allows the reader to latch on to this connection from the beginning. However, Casey's relation to Christ includes more than such pure coincidences, and plays away rather inside their similar strategies of action. One of the many similarities between Casey and Christ is that Casey had as well drifted to be able to the jungles in order to " soul-search" and discover the answers to at times hidden inquiries. In this particular situation, Casey himself claims the a comparison of Christ's wonderful actions during a grace at the Joad's breakfast desk, "... I been in the hills, thinkin', almost in ways like Jesus went into the wilderness to consider His way to avoid it of a chaos of troubles" (Steinbeck ch. 8). Casey further continues on during his rather rambling grace, " I got exhausted like Him... I got confused like Him... I went into the wilderness like Him, without no campin' stuff" (Steinbeck ch. 8). With Casey's personality openly admitting, without seeming conceited, that he and Jesus Christ happen to be in some way similar, it continually bluntly area reader come to realize that Casey was indeed meant to be the Christ figure on this book.

Yet another likeness between Sean Casey and Jesus Christ can be seen when Casey decides to venture away and join a union group to be able to prevent...